Manufacturers who produce or market appliances for the Indian market are required to submit their product samples to BEE or its designated testing agency.  
  Testing is undertaken as per the testing standard for Air conditioners IS1391 and the appliance's performance is determined. This testing information like cooling capacity and power consumption is used to calculate the appliance's Energy efficiency ratio. Based on the EER value of the Air conditioners corresponding star rating can be declared.

  Room AC Energy Label

  In general Air conditioners consume more Energy amongst the power consuming appliances used in residence. Hence Energy labeling has been implemented for Air conditioners on priority basis.

  It is applicable for the Room Air conditioners having single phase electrical power supply (both window and wall mounted split AC) up to a rated cooling capacity of 3TR (10.5 KW). BEE star labeling for room AC is mandatory from January 2010. Energy label is the provision of information in a form that is easy to understand for customers. Energy label is affixed to a product which describes the productís Energy efficiency, Cooling capacity and Electricity Power consumption at the standard rating condition.

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Which of the following factors influence the purchase decision of air conditioner?

Low Electricity Bill
AC Brand
Aesthetic Look
Initial Cost

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